three things no. 1

Thursday, November 1, 2012

+1 -- these wallpapers by lisa congdon from hygge & west should be up in my house right now. pretty awesome, huh?

+2-- i had seen pictures of these awesome himmeli before and no idea what they were  -- they are traditional finnish ornaments -- BUT I LOVE THEM. can't wait to try and make them. -- maybe today? here are two great tutorial here (image 1) and here (image 2)

+3-- my brother-in-law, jeremy (mary's husband) is a pro at making fudge -- he learned from his grandfather-- and makes it every year around the holidays. so, naturally when i saw this recipe, i knew this christmas would be like no other. jeremy's fudge + these add ins = heaven on earth and the best fudge ever. 

happy thursday!



  1. those wallpapers look awesome! mos def gonna try make my own! Ahhh fudge sounds enticing right now! xD

    The Krystel Book

  2. aren't they great? i'd love to hang some up in my house, sweet + salty = perfection.


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