three things no. 2

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1- these beautiful roses came from MY YARD. can you believe it?! my green thumb has been restored after the gardening fiasco of summer 2011(in which all of the plants that i touched died. i exaggerate, but that's what it felt like). these were the last of the roses on my bush, i picked them all right before one night where it was supposed to freeze. so jeremy and i have been enjoying this last bit of summer (even in novemeber!) while we can. 

2- we had some friends over for dinner last weekend and i baked an apple pie. we put ice cream on top and it was phenomenal and the pioneer woman would have been proud. amen.

and this little cutie is my baby boy, henry, on halloween. we didn't get him a costume, but that did not stop us from dressing him up. this is his impression of risky business  (he had socks on, but we took them off because he almost had a nervous break down breakdown with stuff on his feet. haha.)
 just wish he had stayed still a little longer for me to fix his crooked sunglasses. oh well, you win some, you lose some. he had fun in his costume while it lasted. 

hope that you all had a candy-filled, fun-filled, and safe halloween. we had so many cute trick or treaters and made some yummy chili, made smores bars, and watched hocus pocus. (sarah. jessica. parker.) so, it was pretty much a perfect one.

much love and happy thursday, m.


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