Wednesday, November 14, 2012

y'all there are two things in this world i will never tire of: 1- diet coke 2- nail polish. i am 100% obsessed with nail polish and i will never ever have enough.

and recently my obsession has grown-- all because of this wonderful place called julep (thank you anna waldrop for introducing me!). I LOVE JULEP. basically, you sign up and get a box full of nail posh sent to your door each month. its just about the best thing ever. BUT to top it all off, not only are their products amazing, but so are their employees. i talked to them on the phone -which i really dislike doing- and i felt like i was chatting with one of my girlfriends.

so, if you aren't one of julep's mavens well you should be! click here to sign up AAAAND you can get your first box 50% off  -- even better right?!--just use the code MAVEN50 at checkout!

ok, so this past month julep sent me a golden box -- which is basically the majority of that month's collection. and boy did i luck out-- look at all the loot:

here are some of the other months that i've received. -- also one of the best things is you can pick and choose which months you get a box. we all have those months where things are a bit tighter than usual money wise -- which for me was september -- so i just opted to skip that month no big deal.

and these bad boys are on my wish list!:

julep wish list


ps. and just to let you know how much i love nailpolish :) --


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