love + lust no. 1

Thursday, November 8, 2012


here are some of beauty products i love and i lust... catchy right? haha. from left to right:

  1. love: this sonja kashuk brush -- its so awesome for applying creme blush!
  2. lust:when i ordered some make-up from sephora online -- which i love to do for the freebies--- i got this as one of the said freebies. this hairdresser's invisible oil is so awesome. it feels like you've taken months of damage away with one application.
  3. love: this rusk hairspray. smells. so. good. and holds well. and you can get it at target. bonus.
  4. lust: i've tried other morrocan oils before, but this one is said to be the be all end all of them. need to get my hands on some. 
  5. love: let me just just say it: I LOVE BB CREAMS. and this one is the best. hands down. bb creams were first developed in korea and this is made by koreans. so the know what they are doing.
  6. lust: i tried this because mary bought it -- and i almost stole it staight from her make-up bag. this mascara is for your bottom lashes and works wonders.
  7. love: i love julep. like a lot. and their mascara makes my eyelashes look miles long. and i'll take that any day.
  8. lust: i've never bought this rosebud salve, which is ridiculous. 
  9. love: i bought this hair dryer recently and absolutely love it
  10. lust: this mac brush is perfect for applying eyeliner. and a girl can never have too many brushes.
what are some of your favourites i should check out? have you tried anything on my lust list? let me know!



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