Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

here are a few instagrams (follow me: adairrr!) and photos from lately. one of my favourite coffee shops called dichotomy recently opened up shop downtown and i am more than happy about it. i could live off of their lattes. if you're in town, stop by and check them out.

also-- speaking of new places coming to town- today a new little place called lula jane's is opening up. and i am really excited to try it out. they bake all sorts of cookies, pies, muffins cakes, etc. and have daily lunch specials. trying to see if jamie will take me there for lunch today. one of their specials for today is mac 'n cheese and mustard greens. YUM-O.
its really fun to live in a town that is in a state of change. so many good restaurants to try (not that waco had a lot to begin with-- ha.)!

also been getting my fill of fruits lately -- even if some of them are covered in caramel.

its finally gotten cold enough to wear jackets! -- well at least it was this past weekend and early in the morning. :)

also- this is a picture of the paint samples for our dining room. jamie and i are REALLY indecisive. we posted this picture on instagram to get some help (THANK YOU) -- and i thought i'd share it one more time and see what you think: white, gray or black?

let me know what you think!

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  1. your blog is wonderful :)
    Newest follower :) x

  2. thank you! we're so glad you found us. we're pretty big fans of your photos (and pinterst boards) too.


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