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Friday, March 1, 2013

(photo by masao yamamoto)

things have been quiet around here. but we're still here. 
life has a way of taking the months and making them seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days.    i feel like the days are slipping away -- so sometimes i take a little bit of time to myself, cozy up on my couch with my cats, and i listen to this playlist and slow down time even-  if just for an hour.

no. 1- pickwick-- i am the greatest of all liars
no.2- daughter -- run
no. 3 - the staves -- icarus
no. 4 - keaton henson -- small hands
no.5 - jack white - love is blindness
no.6- glen hansard -- come away to the water
no.7 dry the river -- shaker hymns (acoustic)
no.8 - sea wolf -- priscilla
no.9 - andrew bird -- beyond the valley of the white tree
no.10 -widowspeak -- ballad of the golden hour
no.11 - james vincent mcmorrow -- we don't eat
no.12 - sea of bees -- the woods
no.13 - glen hansard -- the storm, it's coming
no.14 - johnny flynn -- amazon love
no.15 - first aid kit - wolf
no.16 - marcus foster -- worn down by time
no. 17 - sharon van etten -- one day
no.18 - laura gibson -- come by storm
no.19 - doug burr -- and when we awoke

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x- adair


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